Carroll’s Seafood Festival June 19-21

seafood at Carroll's

Carroll’s Restaurant is having a seafood festival in conjunction with Medford’s first Circle the Square, which is taking place Thursday, June 19.

Carroll’s, located at 21 Main Street in Medford Square, is offering the following items Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Appetizers: fried oysters, Oysters Rockefeller, fried clams, Clams Casino, spicy fried shrimp.

Entrees: lobster mac & cheese, scrod puttanesca, seafood scampi, Salmon Carroll, grilled scallops, grilled seafood trio, scallops, shrimp & swordfish, fried clam or oyster plate.

Sandwiches: fried clam roll, fried oyster roll, fried scallop roll, lobster melt.

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